So after resolving some oh so wonderful latency issues with our Mythic raid instances that costed us a night and a half of raiding, we finally killed MOTHER in a handful of pulls.  The cheese strategy on this encounter via stacking raid CDs worked very well for us.  Props to everyone dodging lasers and murdering adds quickly.  

Tanks: Astaroth, Viperx

Healers: Faellx, Mortis, Ninh, Phattboi, Yeetawh

Melee: Bellasaer, Dhays, Ionzz, Melisan, Widdleton

Ranged: Darkerworg, Exclusive, Jaunquil, Kaanin, Mesiia, Mookaduka, Naltharion, Pistola

Next up is Zek'voz, who will be our first real challenge in Uldir.  It's an upward battle from him, onwards!  Get ready everyone!


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