It's been awhile since I've made a progression post.  But, here we are. Our wheels are finally moving at proper speed and we've started on Mythic difficulty.  We killed Mythic Taloc in a simple two pulls for the first time.  The fight is extremely simple and a bit undertuned.  It's been a good fight for some easy 385 gear for us to push other endeavors.

Tanks: Astaroth, Viperx

Healers: Faellx, Mortis, Ninh, Phattboi

Melee: Bellasaer, Dkthemaximus, Intoodeep, Ionzz, Melisan, Ram, Widdleton

Ranged: Darkerworg, Exclusive, Jaunquil, Mesiia, Mookaduka, Naltharion, Torag

We also finally reached the end of Heroic Uldir as well. G'huun is probably one of the toughest Heroic bosses Blizzard has ever released, but also one of the most well designed fights in a long time.  Nice work on everyone who was there for the kill (especially healers in Phase 3).

Tanks: Astaroth, Viperx

Healers: Ailylia, Faellx, Mortis, Ninh, Phattboi, Yeetawh

Melee: Bellasaer, Coldspace, Dhays, Felixzero, Intoodeep, Ionzz, Melisan, Ram, Soldiah, Widdleton

Ranged: Darkerworg, Exclusive, Jaunquil, Kaanin, Mesiia, Mookaduka, Naltharion, Pistola, Torag

Up next is Mythic MOTHER, who would've most likely died this past Thursday, but our raid lockout encountered some network issues and we were unable to continue, as we couldn't get the raid without 1-4 people in the raid having substantial latency problems.  Hopefully that won't happen Tuesday.


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