By Mookaduka - Posted Jul 13, 18

It's been a wild three months.  From suffering through Phase 1 wipe after Phase 1 wipe, to having players leave the guild mid-progression, to work schedules setting us back two weeks of progression in June, and finally us overloading our Artifact weapons to push the boss down after all hope seemed lost, it's been a crazy (and stressful) time.  In the end, it was all worth it.

It took us 550 wipes (more than any other boss this guild has ever attempted), but Argus finally took his last breath last night.  In a pull that felt very much like our Aggramar kill, we were able to take him down.  The pull was for the most part extremely clean, with very few accidental deaths occurring.  All the final adjustments we made in healing CDs, gear swaps, Artifact Power levels, and a little bit of luck, got us this kill (along with Darker's internet staying connected for more than 15 minutes).  I want to thank every single person who helped us kill this boss.  It is truly this guild's greatest accomplishment.  This guild has effectively worked 5-6 years on what transpired last night, and it was a beautiful sight to behold.

Tanks: Astaroth, Melisan, Viperx

Healers: Ailylia, Darkerworg, Faellx, Mortis, Ninh

Melee: Bellasaer, Coldspace, Dkthemaximus, Exquizet, Intoodeep, Widdleton

Ranged: Elycee, Farewell, Mesiia, Mookaduka, Rainashota, Torag

Others who weren't there for the kill but also helped us progress: Dhays, Muros, Rivaille, Shimmyshaman

I am very glad that we had such a solid kill after Monday's continuous 1% wipes.  Last Monday's raid was probably the most gutwrenching raid I've ever personally experienced in my years of raiding in WoW.  I am glad we came back from that night of close calls to finish the job.

One of the various PoV kills we have from the kill can be seen below.  This is from Melisan's PoV, who basically played the role of "3rd tank/ball boy" the entire fight (pretty similar to Aggramar).  He was pretty good at his job in P3, and made the rest of the phase much easier for the rest of us to digest.

Finally, we have a couple people that will be leaving us for BfA.  Widdleton, our primary DPS Warrior since late Mythic HFC progression in Warlords of Draenor, will be transferring to Area 52 to raid more hardcore in the coming expansion than what Group Two or Draka can offer.  Widdleton has been nothing but loyal to the guild in his stay here, and we helped him turn into the DPS monster he has become today.  I wish him the best of luck in his new guild.

The other person that will be unfortunately leaving us is one of our Balance Druids, Rainashota.  She is one of my oldest friends in World of Warcraft, and has been raiding with our guild on and off for multiple expansions.  Due to her new stable work schedule starting in the Fall, she will no longer be able to make our raid times, and is therefore forced to look elsewhere to find a new raiding home.  Best of luck to you as well, Raina.  Both you and Widdleton are welcome back at any time, or if you just want to stop by and say hi, that's fine too.

Legion has been Group Two's most successful expansion in its raiding history since it was founded early in Mists of Pandaria.  With every raid tier and expansion, we have slowly clawed our way to the top of the server.  Even as we watch other guilds around us fall to various issues such as drama, the roster boss, or getting stuck in progression, we continue to prevail.  With the new officer structure I am instituting in Battle for Azeroth to help delegate guild duties, along with our first Cutting Edge, Realm First kill of an end expansion boss (or even end tier boss), I only see a bright future for the guild ahead.  As long as every single member of this guild continues to work hard to show up to raids, come prepared, perfect their play, and strive for success, we will continue to be the dominant guild on the tiny island of Draka we call home.

See everyone in the depths of Uldir in a couple months!


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