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The new site for the BfA raid guides is now public at (Click the Raid Guides link in the navigation).

You'll notice our recruitment info and some guild info is on this site as well. This is due to the large amount of traffic our guides have attracted in the past, and having our recruitment info readily available for passersby might assist with filling out spots in our roster if ever need be.

Guides for Heroic Uldir will slowly become available over the next week or so and receive any tweaks along the way if need be.

For discussion on each fight, there will be a forum thread for each boss and its difficulty, just like before.

About donations:

You'll see a donate button at the top of the guides site. The site does cost a bit to run (roughly $10/month), so if anyone is willing to donate anything to help fund the site, this would be appreciated. The link takes you directly to a Paypal donation page to my personal email (that is how the site is paid for). Keep in mind this is a different hosting cost than the site.

The site is still a bit of a work in progress, so a few things might change here and there. Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns.
Posted Aug 9, 18 · OP
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The new guide format and site is superb. Definitely a lot easier to jump around and view as a mobile user.

Great job everyone who was involved (Mooka, Farewell and Mel)!
Posted Aug 10, 18
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