Only took us around 60 minutes worth of raid time to bring down this bad boy this past week.  With the Garothi Worldbreaker down, we now have our foot in the door of Mythic Antorus in Week 1!  Big props to Exquizet on this fight as from pull to pull we had him going from Feral, to Balance, and then finally to Resto.  Also fun fact, this fight was actually kind of fun on Mythic.  

Tanks: Astaroth, Viperx

Healers: Ailylia, Exquizet, Faellx, Mortis, Ninh, Womps

Melee: Dhays, Dkthemaximus, Intoodeep, Melisan, Ragazza, Rivaille, Widdleton

Ranged: Elycee, Farewell, Mookaduka, Rhale, Torag

We will be pursuing the Felhounds on Mythic next.  Let's keep up the pace and down those dogs this coming week!


We're Back!

Mookaduka o posted Dec 6, 17

Well Blizzard really handed us this raid on a silver platter (guess they felt bad for ToS).  It took us a total of 13 hours to clear all of Normal and Heroic last week in Antorus.  This is something the guild has never accomplished before; clearing a raid on Heroic Week 1.  Big thanks to everyone for sticking out the extra hours of raiding the first week we put in to make this happen!

Tanks: Astaroth, Viperx

Healers: Ailylia, Faellx, Mortis, Muros, Ninh

Melee: Bellasaer, Dhays, Dkthemaximus, Intek, Melisan, Ragazza, Soldiah, Widdleton, Womps

Ranged: Beastmidget, Dushift, Elycee, Exquizet, Mookaduka, Rainashota, Rhale, Torag

We definitely don't want to let up on the gas now, and will be diving into Mythic this coming Thursday.  Let's get this place cleared!


It's been a long time since I've made a progression update post.  Frankly, the past couple months just haven't been  a high period for the guild as the attendance boss has made progression quite turbulent from night to night.  But that's okay, as that's always going to happen at certain points every expansion.  Despite the odds, we have managed still make a dent in progression to finish off the raid tier once again tied for first in progression on the server.  Most recently, we downed Maiden of Vigilance on Mythic difficulty after 183 pulls.  Something finally clicked last week with the raid team, and we began consistently getting to the 40% mark pull after pull before we finally broke through and pushed the boss to 9% on a pull. After that, we were able to finally take the boss down and breathe a sigh of relief (Unfortunately in my infinite wisdom, I forgot to take the loot off personal loot prior to us killing it).  The raid team deserves a lot of credit for sticking it through this encounter, as for several nights in a row, it didn't feel like much progression was being made.  Pull after pull we would wipe the first 20-35 seconds into the encounter.  We finally got the dance right, though. Well done, everyone!

Tanks: Astaroth, Viperx

Healers: Darkerworg, Exquizet, Faellx, Mortis, Ninh

Melee: Dhays, Dkthemaximus, Duality, Intek, Melisan, Ragazza, Widdleton

Ranged: Elycee, Farewell, Mookaduka, Portal (Rhale), Rainashota, Torag

Going farther back, we managed to down Mythic Mistress Sassz'ine back in October.  This fight felt very awkward at times, but we were finally able to down it once a proper balance of obeying mechanics and use of the Bufferfish was nailed down.  We also had to down this fight without Astaroth around, which made the progression all the more unusual.  Big props to Melisan for stepping up as tank to take down this fight.

Tanks: Melisan, Viperx

Healers: Ailylia, Faellx, Mortis, Ninh

Melee: Dkthemaximus, Duality, Intek, Ragazza, Rivaille, Widdleton

Ranged: Darkerworg, Elycee, Exquizet, Farewell, Mookaduka, Rainashota, Rhale, Torag

I want to thank the entire raid team for sticking through the past couple months, as I know sometimes raiding isn't easy.  We will be seeing some old faces return to the team to help us take down Antorus.  Intoodeep and Dushift both plan to make returns, with a couple more in discussion.  We also bid farewell to Duality, as he will not be joining us for the Antorus raid, as he wishes to take the rest of the expansion off.  We will welcome you back to the raid team if you ever wish to return, Duality.  Thank you for sticking out the latter part of Tomb of Sargeras with us.

Next week, we will be diving into Antorus for the first time.  Be prepared to be in this raid for the rest of the expansion.  We hope to have Heroic cleared prior to the holidays, with Mythic being started at the latest the first week of January.  Raiders, please read up on the bosses in the Raiding Forum here on the guild site, and post your desired tier pieces and relics in the proper thread in the Raiding Forum as well.  

See everyone in Antorus, and Happy Thanksgiving!


This past week, we've made up for our previous struggles on Mythic Sisters of the Moon and rekilling them by killing them in only two pulls this week!  Not only that, but we brought down Mythic Desolate Host finally!  The fight was very manageable when the right people were put in the right places finally.  Props to everyone for properly managing the adds and the healers for keeping us up in P2 until the boss died!

Tanks: Astaroth, Dhays, Viperx

Healers: Ailylia, Faellx, Mortis, Ninh, Womps

Melee: Dkthemaximus, Duality, Intek, Melisan, Ragazza, Rivaille

Ranged: Elycee, Exquizet, Farewell, Mookaduka, Oda, Torag

After killing Desolate Host, we decided to go for a victory lap in Mythic Trial of Valor, and give Helya another go.  After around an hour or so, she fell down!  After we figured out how to manage adds in Phase 2 correctly and we soaked the pools in Phase 3, the boss wasn't very hard (with all the gear we now have, obviously).  

Tanks: Astaroth, Viperx

Healers: Ailylia, Faellx, Mortis, Ninh

Melee: Dhays, Dkthemaximus, Intek, Melisan, Mokogorken, Ragazza, Rivaille, Widdleton, Womps

Ranged: Elycee, Exquizet, Farewell, Mookaduka, Torag

Next up will be our guild's most likely toughest boss all expansion; Misstress Sassz'ine.  This fight will take us awhile, and will require everyone's patience with learning each combo that comes throughout the fight.

Sisters Eclipsed!

Mookaduka o posted Aug 21, 17

This past week, we managed to take down another boss within the Tomb of Sargeras.  This time, it was the Sisters of the Moon!  Once we switched to 6 healers, and people finally were adjusting to the Mythic mechanics, everything fell in line and the boss went down.  Nice job to Womps and Darkerworg for stepping away from DPS on this fight and picking up the healer mantle to be healers #5 and #6 for us!

Tanks: Astaroth, Viperx

Healers: Ailylia, Darkerworg, Faellx, Mortis, Ninh, Womps

Melee: Dhays, Dkthemaximus, Duality, Melisan, Rivaille, Widdleton

Ranged: Elycee, Exquizet, Mookaduka, Oda, Portal, Torag

We have already started work on the Mythic Desolate Host, and hope to be bringing him down prior to 7.3's release in about a week.  After that, the long journey of taking down Misstress Sassz'ine will begin.